THIS is what you need to find the best 22LR ammunition for your hunting or target needs.



The only way to find the best ammunition that suits your rifle is to try all different types of ammo


It just so happens that we kind of know what were doing, so we have put together the widest range of 22LR ammo in 1 box.


Well 2 different boxes.  High velocity 22LR Starter Pack and the Subsonic Starter Pack.


Starter pack you ask….??  But I’m not starting out, I can already shoot.


We had to call it something so perhaps we’ll change the name to 22LR Testing Pack.


How it works.


There are 3 different brands in the High Velocity Pack


Winchester.  Eley and CCI


There are different grain ammo and they are all different velocities.


Pick one of the packets from the High Velocity pack.  Shoot it at a target and record where they all group. LABEL IT


Take another pack and do EXACTLY the same thing.  You will see a slight OR great difference in grouping.  LABEL that too.


Repeat this process through all the different types of 22LR ammo in the High Velocity Pack.


AND if you can multi task, at the same time take note of which ammo feeds best into your rifle.  Some may jam or be harder to feed.  NO GOOD.  Even if they group really well.  Can’t shoot if your rifle jams so who cares how they group right?


What you are looking for is the best grouping ammo that feeds the best in your rifle.  From there you can test THAT ammo on something that will show its hitting power and what effect it will have on the game you want to control numbers of.


Subsonic?  Same same.  Use this ammo when you want to keep things quieter for when noise factor plays a big part in what you are trying to achieve.


Then, since you labelled all the groupings and what box of ammo you used, get the best High Velocity and the best Subsonic and  GO TO CLAREMONT FIREARMS AND BUY THESE TWO IN BULK.


Shoot the rest off as a bit of fun I guess cos you wont be going back to these ones again.


Finally.  Zero your rifle with the High Velocity Ammo you chose, at say 100 meters.  Then put in the Subsonic ammo and shoot the same spot.  Should hit a lot lower on the target.  Remember where it is on your reticle or set you turrets and note down the amount of clicks so you can swap between ammo when you need to without guessing.


Ok ok NOW finally.  Repeat this process at 75m, 50m and 25m so you know where to aim when you are out hunting.






Happy Safe Responsible Shooting


The Champ