For more detailed information about the licensing process and other Firearms Law related questions, please visit the WA Police Website.

1. How do I go about applying for a firearms licence?

The actual application can be completed via the WA Police Website – please click here for more details.

You will need:

(a) A serviceability certificate.

(b) If it is your first application, you will need to complete the Safety Awareness test. You can do this in store at Claremont Firearms. Please click this link for the information booklet.

(c) A property letter (for open licence/recreational hunting) or club support letter (for club purposes).

(e) Proof of installation of an approved gun cabinet/safe.

2. Can I get a licence for a handgun?

Yes, but only for club purposes. This allows you to shoot at your club, and only travel with it from your home to the club and back.

3. How long does it take to get the licence?

There is no set time and it depends on various factors such as information provided and the category of firearm. Average return times of 6-8 weeks for an original application and 2-6 weeks for an addition can be expected.

4. Do I have to get a property letter for each licence application?

Each licence application has to be supported by a property letter (or Club support letter). It is possible to have several calibres on one letter. Please click this link for a blank property letter.

5. How big does the property have to be?

The property size has to be relative to the calibre that is being applied for. The location of the property, its surroundings and type of vermin on the property are considered during the application.

6. What happens to my deposit if my application gets rejected?

Claremont Firearms will refund you the full deposit if your licence has been rejected. Please be aware that conditions apply. 

7. How do I co-license a firearm?

A co-licence application is also completed through the WA Police Website.

8. Do you offer lay-bys and how for how long?

Yes, we do offer lay-bys. For more details, click here.

9. Do I need my licence to purchase ammunition?

Yes, you need your valid WA Firearms Licence (the paper) and your Firearms ID card (the red one) or driver's licence. Please be aware that you can only purchase ammunition for the calibres on your licence.

10. What are the different types of licences?

The different types of licences are detailed here.

The Firearms are divided into the following 5 categories: A, B, C, E, H. For a detailed breakdown of these categories please click this link.

12. What are the storage requirements for my firearms?

Firearms need to be stored in a safe/gun cabinet that meets the WA Safety Standards. Ammunition is to be kept in a separate lockable compartment. For more information on the regulations as well as mounting requirements, please click this link.