Firearms Storage

Claremont Firearms is a fully licenced firearms warehouse storage facility.

Our storage rates for firearms are as follows:

$50 one-time admin processing and handling fee.

Firearms will attract a fee of $50 per firearm per month.

Extra-large firearms or firearms in hard cases may incur an additional charge.

Outstanding storage fees must be paid in full before firearms can be released.

This is not a long term storage facility. Any firearms stored longer than 12 months will now be reported to police and licence of the firearm(s) may be calcelled, as it is classified as non-genunie need.

Please ensure storage fees are paid monthy, failure to do so may result in Claremont Firearms having to sell the firearm(s) to recover unpaid fees.


We reserve the right to keep/sell any firearms that have been in storage for any longer than 6 months without storage being paid to recuperate any lost fees. We will look after the item to the best of our ability but can’t be responsible for any damage as a result of unforeseen circumstances ie fire, flood, burglary or other. Any firearms stored with us for a private sale must pay 3 months storage in advance.