At Claremont Firearms, we understand that paying large sums of money in one go can be difficult, which is why we provide a lay-by service without the fees. Our lay-by option is available to anyone purchasing anything from our store. The lay-by is available for a 3 month period, we simply require a deposit. This allows you to acquire all necessary documents and also be able to lodge an application, without making full payment.


  • A lay-by can be placed by any person 18 years or over, purchasing a firearm from our store.
  • The minimum deposit is $300 or 30% of value of the item, which ever is greatest.
  • If license approval is denied, money will be refunded in full, provided it is not a special order firearm.
  • A lay-by can be extended if arranged before the due date and certain conditions are met.(e.g. regular weekly payments are made)
  • If you decide to cancel your lay-by, a $300 or 30% of the value of the item/s (which ever is greatest) restocking fee will be charged.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any, or all, lay-bys that have exceeded the ‘agreed-upon’ payment deadline.
  • All items on lay-by are stored securely and treated with care and diligence.